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Jacob and Cassie

We received $8,700 from Mark in down payment assistance. He was responsive and answered all of our questions. We highly recommend calling Mark for down payment assistance or any other mortgage financing questions. Cassie Hendrickson


Felix Limo

I have been working with Mark for about 3 years now and I could not be happier with the outcome. Mark is always available and answered every single one of my questions. I bought the house of my dreams at 20% down. I highly recommend you use mark for your mortgage needs.


Mellissa Gomez

Hello! I am excited to share and tell you about my experience with Mark. I am happy be a new homeowner. Mark was very helpful through the entire process. I really appreciated what Mark and his team did for my family. We received $9,500 from Mark. 


Kelly Bridell

I highly recommend working with Mark for your mortgage needs, zero regrets! I received $10,000 of assistance from using Mark. The process was incredibly speedy to close and Mark was always informative, patient, and prompt with any questions, and I had ALOT! of questions:)


Aaron Argent

I highly recommend going through Mark Svihel as a mortgage loan officer. Mark was very patient and answered every question I had regarding the process. He was very knowledgeable about the whole ordeal and with his help I was able to qualify for $10k of down payment assistance. Mark is great at what he does and with his help I was able to become a first time home buyer within a few months.


Peter Briemhust

Mark helped me find and apply for $23,500 in down payment assistance when I was purchasing my first home. He spent the extra time explaining the process to me and answering my many questions about the details of the funds. This helped me afford a better home and make a much stronger offer in a very competitive market. I did not get near the same help and dedication from my previous loan officer.


Jacque Mounger

Homeownership is a success metric that most, if not all of us desire to achieve. It provides stability to a family and pathway to financial freedom. The homeownership process can be challenging to navigate if you are not experienced or have a great resource to guide you. Mark Svihel was my mortgage banker, and he made the process as seamless as possible and was a great resource the entire way through. Mark clearly laid out all the required documentation, was timely in his responses and was always accessible for questions. He even assisted with identifying additional resources and benefits for me as a first-time homebuyer. If you are starting your home ownership journey and/or looking to refinance, I would highly recommend utilizing Mark and his expertise. Homeownership like life is hard enough, don’t go at it alone. Call Mark and tell him Jacque sent (612-209-7922)


Josh Zeller

We received $5,500 of down payment assistance from Mark to help us purchase our first home. Mark helped us through the process and was always available to answer any questions we had along the way. We greatly appreciated everything Mark did for us and will definitely reach out to him for future needs!


Jeremiah Ongubo

My home buying experience was fast, easy, and hassle free thanks to Mark Svihel ... I was approved in minutes for the house of my dreams! I received $10,000 towards my home. If you have a dream of owning a house or need financial assistance? Reach out to Mark Svihel Of Old National Bank.

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Jessa Rose

Finally got a chance to hang this cute sign from my Loan Originator Mark Svihel. Mark is awesome! Really his reputation speaks for itself, but he has come through for me on several occasions now. I've been crazy busy but I really wanted to give this shout out.

This time around, with his help, we were able to secure almost 23k in grants which made homeownership affordable for me in this crazy market. After moving (on average) every year for the last 10 years, it feels really good to be able to claim a place of my own.


Trent Bowman

When it comes to service and detailed information’s Mark Svihel will treat you like a customer!! and not a number.  He is well versed in all products including down payment assistance


Dawn Collander

I received $8,000 of down payment assistance in working with Mark. Id highly recommend calling Mark to inquire about down payment assistance or any other type of mortgage!

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